The above video explains how this site grew from my own experience trying to find a suitably special gift for my girlfriend's 30th birthday and meeting disappointment at every turn.

Having failed to see anything inspiring in ANY of the stores (online & offline) I looked at, I decided to make the most personalized gift I could think of.

I wrote a list of things I knew about her life (lived with me & her son, played cello, enjoyed gardening, pet bunny...) and figured ways to refer to each of them in a cartoon drawing (I like comic books).
I copied her face from a photograph I already had of her.

Actually being in the position of needing my service made me conscientious about always making sure a customer is happy with their cartoon.
I know how important the perfect gift can be so, if you're not absolutely delighted, I'll redraw your cartoon until you are or refund your money in full.

Part of me wishes I could show you that first Cartoon Portrait but it was a long time ago and we're not in touch any more.

I can show you several more recent examples of Cartoon Portraits other people commissioned me to draw though...


The video to the right walks you through the meaningful references in Emma's 40th Birthday Gift.

Below you'll find thumbnails of other commissioned "special presents for special occasions".
Whichever you click will open a bigger version along with an explanation of its design.

I always make sure my customer is delighted with the cartoon they ordered before moving on to the next order.


Okay, so by now you should understand what a cartoon portrait is as well as how it solves the "can't find the perfect gift" problem.
And you've seen a few examples.

I guess at this point you have 2 questions:

  1. What do I have to do to become co-creator of the perfect gift for MY needs?
  2. How much will it cost me?

Let's address each of those in turn...

How Do I Get One?

As you'd expect from any bespoke product, ordering a cartoon portrait requires a bit more input from you than picking a gift card off the shelf.
But it's not particularly difficult.

You have 2 main responsibilities as co-creator, both of which can be fulfilled using my online order form I'll walk you through in a moment...



Your job as co-creator is to supply a clear photo of your victim's (the person the cartoon is of) face.
With modern phones and facebook this is a far easier task than it used to be.
In fact if you send me a link to their facebook profile I can often find a suitable photo for myself.

The video below explains what makes a good or bad reference photo for me so please watch that.


Your second co-creator task is to tell me as much or as little as you wish about your victim's life.
Try to think what makes them who they are.

You've seen the examples so think along the same lines...

  • What do they do for a living?
  • What pets do they have?
  • Do they play a musical instrument?
  • Favourite food, drink, football team?

Ultimately it's up to you - tell me whatever you think is worth including.

And MY Role Is...

I use the photo you supplied to accurately draw your victim's face.
Unlike many caricaturists I won't make fun of anybody's individual features (big ears, chin etc.)
The face in your cartoon portrait will be the same face as the photo you supply.

Then the cartooning starts...

It's my job to include references to the information you supplied as your second co-creator task in the picture.
Some of it will be referenced using your victim's cartoony body and clothing, some will be on the floor, walls, in books or boxes...
One way or another it WILL ALL be included.

Should you wish to discuss special requirements such as receiving your cartoon as a jigsaw, on a T-shirt or mug or somehow incorporating the traditional material for a particular wedding anniversary, please send me an email or call 07817 310903

How Much Will It Cost?

Obviously a cartoon portrait is an infinitely customizable gift and I'm always happy to discuss out-of-the-ordinary requirements with you personally.
As mentioned above, some people may prefer to give a jigsaw, phone case or T-shirt rather than a "hang-on-the-wall" picture.

Or you may want to somehow include the appropriate material for a particular wedding anniversary?
Even birthdays have particular stones associated with their month...

To keep things as simple as possible here you have 2 choices to make which will affect the price of your cartoon portrait.

  1. Do you want 1 or 2 people to appear in the picture?
  2. Do you want to receive the physical drawing or a digital file?

After submitting your order form (walk-through video coming up) you'll be presented with 4 PayPal buttons to choose from.
Click the button matching your answers to these 2 questions to pay the correct amount.

Let's examine your choices in a little bit more detail.

Question 1 is pretty self explanatory - is it a portrait of 1 person or 2?
Easy to answer.

Question 2 is more related to time concerns.
It's "usual" to receive your cartoon portrait in a black 14" x 11" (35.5cm x 28cm) frame - think the size of an open magazine.
This option CAN take up to a week to reach you.

More than a few times I've had to turn customers away because they simply hadn't allowed enough time before the big day.
So I introduced a Digital Delivery option.
When choosing this option you will receive your cartoon portrait via email 2 days after placing your order.
You can choose whether to receive an A4 sized file to print at home or the original 14" x 11" size you'll need to get printed somewhere like Staples.







The Order Form

Order Form

Please enter YOUR details in this section of the form
Where you want your finished cartoon delivered
So I can contact you if I have any questions
If you'd rather I phone you